Leave Discord Alone, Microsoft!

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20 dni temu

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0:00 I thought I lost you...
0:06 Microsoft might buy Discord
1:14 Chip Shortage is now a CRISIS
2:18 Apple blocks Proton
3:14 Manscaped
4:06 Intel's BACK
4:34 OnePlus 9
5:03 Nintendo Switch Pro leaks
5:31 Qualcomm's Switch knockoff?
5:54 Xbox Live is now Xbox Network
Microsoft might buy Discord
Chip shortage reaches “crisis point”
Factory fire linustechtips.com/topic/1317921-factory-blaze-adds-to-computer-chip-supply-crisis/
Street prices of GPUs
MSI hiking prices www.digitimes.com/news/a20210324PD214.html?mod=2
Nvidia’s flagship mining card more powerful than 3090?
Apple blocks ProtonVPN updates
Intel Foundry stuff
Oneplus 9 / 9 Pro announced
Hasselblad techcrunch.com/2021/03/23/oneplus-9-arrives-sporting-a-hasselblad-branded-camera-system/
9R www.theverge.com/2021/3/24/22348430/oneplus-9r-specs-price-availability
OLED Nintendo Switch w/ new Nvidia chip w/ DLSS
Lovelace videocardz.com/newz/next-gen-nintendo-switch-rumored-to-feature-nvidia-ada-lovelace-gpu-architecture
4K www.polygon.com/22346232/new-nintendo-switch-pro-hardware-4k-oled-nvidia-dlss
Qualcomm making Android Switch clone
Android on Switch LTT video plpost.info/chat/t6vbkqK0uqulgII/wideo.html
Xbox Live is now Xbox Network - except for Xbox Live Gold
also F2P games are actually free

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Terrain 15 godzin temu
Everyone panicking about discord: remember minecraft? They didn't make java edition shit, and they vastly improved bedrock edition with crossplay and such - yes the marketplace is somewhat controversial, but pocket/console edition was pretty shit, bedrock edition is a big improvement, not in every way but overall
ExtremeAFK 20 godzin temu
I live IN INDIA and im getting a new pc
Mohamed Shuaau
Mohamed Shuaau 22 godzin temu
The day Riley leaves, I leave
Gina Jenkins
Gina Jenkins Dzień temu
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AquaEmbers Dzień temu
I want discord left alone. I just started a server
Appravo 2 dni temu
Mathias Larsson
Mathias Larsson 2 dni temu
They will ad discord nitro in gama pass
chahine gaming
chahine gaming Dzień temu
No stupid they will kill discord like they did with skype
katana 3 dni temu
Just let them sell discord and they can remake another app just like discord.
Crescent Gaming
Crescent Gaming 3 dni temu
Why would Microsoft buy discord for 10 billion when you could get it for free smh.
EnderElectrics 3 dni temu
Err... more like... "Leave Microsoft Alone, Discord".
COMRADE ALPHA 4 dni temu
Microsoft trying to buy discord?!? What's next, Microsoft trying to by Steam?!?
WardRenee 5 dni temu
But I really miss using discord with my mates, since my old and not anymore friend broke my laptop (sorry for not owning a proper pc) and ever since I've been playing on xbox 😓 I wish xbox had discord
Markus Ruiz
Markus Ruiz 5 dni temu
Boycott Microsoft if they buy Discord..
JT Pineapple
JT Pineapple 5 dni temu
i love microsoft. but you dont have to own everything. calm down
Thomas Jensen
Thomas Jensen 5 dni temu
Leave britney.... ehhh... discord aloooone
godly intellect
godly intellect 5 dni temu
Discord is garbage anyways, I hope micro&soft buys it and just like skype it ends up dying slowly but hilariously.
Izzul Iman
Izzul Iman 6 dni temu
At least Microsoft buy Discord not Google
How to be A Player
How to be A Player 6 dni temu
Just baught an Xbox, but must have Gold to play WarZone! :(
TSG _Studios
TSG _Studios 6 dni temu
I think Microsoft should collab with discord but not own it, If they collab then they could have many many features then you could have better share screen quality and request control. You could have docs easily connected so real huge servers could have the rules or whatever easily posted. So yeah this might be good.
UthinkUknowme26 7 dni temu
Yes Microsoft please buy discord. Trigger those nerds 😂😂
Ahman Millener
Ahman Millener 7 dni temu
Well Microsoft sucks when it comes to any innovations or creations. Their conservative nature is fatal in the future.
Kenneth James
Kenneth James 8 dni temu
oh Microsoft smh
Playboy Vanni
Playboy Vanni 8 dni temu
Name a 17 Year Old Discordian Rapper better than Me! Bet You Can't...
Playboy Vanni
Playboy Vanni 8 dni temu
Name a 17 Year Old Discordian Rapper better than Me! Bet You Can't...
Playboy Vanni
Playboy Vanni 8 dni temu
Name a 17 Year Old Discordian Rapper better than Me! Bet You Can't...
NOT LAY JENO 9 dni temu
did someone say 10 million dollars?
Forgotten Echo
Forgotten Echo 9 dni temu
please my dad was literally talking to me just now about how Microsoft would ruin them and now this is recommended to me
discordicimn sweawer
discordicimn sweawer 11 dni temu
discord: time to ditch *skype* and teamspeak. microsoft: you know the rules and so i buy you
Sildro 11 dni temu
Lol I mean I still got Proton and it functions well, I don't really care if we don't get new updates. It's fine right now.
Ancient Dew
Ancient Dew 11 dni temu
i got a microsoft365 ad on this video lol
Abella Aniston
Abella Aniston 11 dni temu
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AmbushedStar 11 dni temu
There's me just vibing with TeamSpeak
RSKYS 11 dni temu
Honestly, everything they buy aim to make in-app unnessasary pays for something that should be totally free, disappear I kinda don't dislike it.
Holy Kenobi
Holy Kenobi 12 dni temu
Skype already sucked
Dirty Sanchez
Dirty Sanchez 12 dni temu
Welcome back TeamSpeak then i guess
Ben L. Jackson
Ben L. Jackson 12 dni temu
My app crashed loading this vid and he starts it like that lol
ssstudent123 12 dni temu
leave cyberpunk alone
Ben McCallum
Ben McCallum 12 dni temu
Missed opportunity: Donate to help save a life... Or two.
Matsuri's Band-Aids
Matsuri's Band-Aids 13 dni temu
Seriously, Apple? Proton apps?
Farhaanmohammed Hafees
Farhaanmohammed Hafees 13 dni temu
literally just saw a Microsoft ad before this video
Arthur Wong
Arthur Wong 13 dni temu
Last thing I want is Tencent buying Discord
oosha2000 xd
oosha2000 xd 13 dni temu
But I don't want to give up discord, it got me to know many users easily. Also, I need it for cookie run, windows operating systems and technology and others.
William Zhang
William Zhang 13 dni temu
Take that Apple users!
Duckie Boi
Duckie Boi 13 dni temu
Microsoft: is offering 10 billion for discord Me, who got it for free
Murder Fascism
Murder Fascism 13 dni temu
Just my luck that I just started using Discord on Linux and I might now have to quickly find an alternative. Apple violating human rights and Alphabet along with Nvidia look to be gearing to patent troll the planet which begs the question, when does Big Tech get broken up? None of the corporations need to exist, could all be replaced dozens of times over and just hold back progress at this point. Also the trade war with China is the most asinine set of global policies ever.
Lazar 14 dni temu
Still cannot get over that they removed my account :((
Cust0mBuilder 14 dni temu
What's happening in Myanmar is disgusting. BLM held global protests over a single death while over 300 people have been murdered since Feb by the Myanmar military but yet no one seems to care where in the west. Apple should be ashamed.
Lucian Tabria
Lucian Tabria 14 dni temu
when Riley cries he stays sad.. oh this was a gold one...
Black-Smile [BS]
Black-Smile [BS] 14 dni temu
DOL ZOT 14 dni temu
If microsoft will delete accounts and add "log in to microsoft account" i will litteraly spend my life on making a time travel machine.
reii oniichan
reii oniichan 14 dni temu
i feel bad for nintendo tho damn ur shit just got copied easily
ChunkyMunky 14 dni temu
Goodbye discord if microsoft buys it. If you want to kill off good software sell it to microsoft. They'll find a sure way to slowly run it into the ground.
Michael R.
Michael R. 14 dni temu
Price hikes because supply is low. Anyone else pissed off about this? It's just blatantly taking advantage of us and the situation just to make more money on their cards?
Aaron Zumbusch
Aaron Zumbusch 14 dni temu
No one wants Discord to receive the Microsoft treatment.
OP_Alejandro 14 dni temu
Jack Yate
Jack Yate 14 dni temu
microsoft ruins everything they touch, WE CANT LET THIS HAPPEN!!
Cyberfoxxy 14 dni temu
If Microsoft takes over discord. I'm leaving and going all opensource. Just kidding. I have no say in the matter. It's not like i switch to Riot.im and suddenly all my buddies communities are automagically there. You use what others use. Or you don't communicate. That's how it works.
Çağan Özdemir
Çağan Özdemir 14 dni temu
Microsoft, please buy discord
Michael Klamm
Michael Klamm 14 dni temu
2:18 Apple is satanistic
John Smith
John Smith 14 dni temu
Why do people like Discord? It's really not pleasant to use. Can they just sell it and have it go to crap so we can get a new better system?
ThatRandomToast 15 dni temu
Skype 2.0 #SaveDiscord #SaveWumpus
Craig O
Craig O 15 dni temu
Discord is host to some of the worst crimes around. Bad people use it to hide their plans and family pictures.
Charls Insigne
Charls Insigne 15 dni temu
I wish if they buy discord nothing changes, if there is id rather find another chat app that microsoft doesnt own
Michal_King 15 dni temu
for the love of god dont sell it to microsoft please. Everything microsoft buyes goes to shit in no time
ninja qade
ninja qade 15 dni temu
If Microsoft buys Discord, I will switch to something else and convince at least 5 of my friends to do the same. Hopefully many other people feel this way as well lol
sf nooner
sf nooner 15 dni temu
Glider Pro was the only computer game ever worth anything.
獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ 15 dni temu
Oh God, please Microsoft, leave Discord alone!
GGPL 15 dni temu
discord is already trash either microsoft will finish it off or fix it And then once again we will move onto a new place
Rekt Ralph
Rekt Ralph 15 dni temu
6:11 Thats not derivative at all lol
SennTheMan 15 dni temu
'I fear no man' 'but that thing': "gamers will use teams". 'it scares me'
A.N.T 15 dni temu
Better in Microsoft’s hands than Epic Games or maybe Amazon.
fastn't boi
fastn't boi 15 dni temu
even tech news make me sad now...
Creeper Armor
Creeper Armor 15 dni temu
I like the idea of Discord on Xbox, but surely microsoft doesn't need to buy the whole company to do it.
Leap of Azzam
Leap of Azzam 15 dni temu
TechLinked always had funny intro
Windows 98
Windows 98 15 dni temu
Microsoft, leave discord alone.
HolidayAtHome 15 dni temu
yeah using android on a switch is cool. But an Andoird only Switch without the ability to play switch games anymore ? Not so cool anymore. Maybe then you can use a Switch emulator xD
SeeItHappen 15 dni temu
As always MicroSoft will break something that used to be good into frustrating crapware. Get ready for Edge popups - Forced MS account login - Forced MS Store - welcome to MS Hell ...
Meschac Kimbangi
Meschac Kimbangi 16 dni temu
I love how Microsoft are investing in gaming but I’d rather they leave discord as is 😅
TranquilSoup3 16 dni temu
why is microsoft paying $10b for discord while i can get it free
Tanvir Niaz
Tanvir Niaz 16 dni temu
To be honest, the current bottleneck are multiplayer games with longevity. Need new WoW, Maplestory, Fortnite, LoL type games. New World will be the next big one
Your Barking Mad
Your Barking Mad 16 dni temu
I think it be good if Microsoft buy it
Puknut 16 dni temu
people will stop using discord if ms buys it, I wont use it anymore
ca aa at
ca aa at 16 dni temu
Microsoft buying discord is very bad and very good at the same time, teams will get cancelled (good thing), they will make it like skype and go down, history will repeat (bad thing)
DankyMankey 16 dni temu
Probably how people have been using ProtonVPN such as sending/viewing illicit content and piracy of content.
Michael S.
Michael S. 16 dni temu
I agree with the title. F off Microsoft. Already ruined skype
LC Jammer
LC Jammer 16 dni temu
lol like how. skype is still around. also it was discord who came to ms.
Flat Cap Adventures
Flat Cap Adventures 16 dni temu
Someone needs to give Ned Flanders a chill pill.
Dr.Killjoy 16 dni temu
Apple sucks, almost as bad as Google.
BrunoDSL 16 dni temu
Maybe if MS buys Discord, they can make it less of an abortion by hopefully making one that's not a web browser running a web app.
R.Esakki Muthu Lokesh
R.Esakki Muthu Lokesh 16 dni temu
Is the OnePlus 9R only for India?
Arjun loves minecraft
Arjun loves minecraft 16 dni temu
Whaaat? Something good actually coming to India?
Zoë 16 dni temu
Not Microsoft.. they’ll make this available only on windows and make me purchase licenses to use it..
Pixel Jaunt VR
Pixel Jaunt VR 16 dni temu
"If it ain't broke, buy it. Then break it. Microsoft."
S C 16 dni temu
I like this. Riley good presenter
Michael Truong
Michael Truong 16 dni temu
but Discord on Xbox would be perfect
Eisa Malik
Eisa Malik 16 dni temu
@Michael Truong So how did you play online?
Michael Truong
Michael Truong 16 dni temu
@Eisa Malik have had an Xbox for years didn’t know there was a thing
Eisa Malik
Eisa Malik 16 dni temu
@Michael Truong Xbox live is a service you gotta pay you have xbox party chat
Michael Truong
Michael Truong 16 dni temu
@Eisa Malik seee no clue what your talking avout
Eisa Malik
Eisa Malik 16 dni temu
Umm, Xbox party chat? They do want to make money you know.
bobrogers89 16 dni temu
I'm happy that discord is going to be ran by microsoft and not animal fuckers
JM TM 16 dni temu
It seems that the cycle repeats over and over again, but nobody learns from it, neither the buyers, nor those willing to accept the deal. Everything that has been purchased and enforced onto the users has slowly degraded in time, just like Skype, that everybody is trying to avoid the same way people avoid Facebook. So if Microsoft's intention is to destroy Discord so it opens up the way for the next "Discord" that will end up in the same cycle again after some time, then go on, but if it was up to me I wouldn't touch it & enjoy what I have rather than destroy it!
Андрій Литвин
Андрій Литвин 16 dni temu
FREEK MCPE/GT 16 dni temu
I'm the High Ground Microsoft
XSquibX 16 dni temu
Great... then they can kill discord like they did skype lol
Xsvrrx Gaming
Xsvrrx Gaming 16 dni temu
I don't even understand why. They have Skype and teams
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