Intel... just STOP already...

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2 miesięcy temu

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0:00 ew James gross
0:08 Intel makes more benchmarks
0:57 Twitter subscriptions?
1:41 Reddit Super Bowl ad
2:23 Honey
3:01 New RTX GPU rumors
3:35 RTX 30 series laptops shortage
3:55 Tesla is into bitcoin
4:24 Corporate towns
5:05 Siri can open Spotify now

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HeelTaker7 Miesiąc temu
I'm even worse, James - I use an iPhone but use *gulp* PLpost Music...I know it's wrong but the thought of starting my music library over again is just way too daunting.
Aira3 Miesiąc temu
Lol the first time stamp in the description
MhdZki Zaki
MhdZki Zaki Miesiąc temu
5:23 yeah i never this as well. I believe saying "play linkin park on Spotify" wont works either in the past.
redmanticore Miesiąc temu
4:34 techies making their own governments.. well, we kinda knew the idea of real-life cyberpunk would always start first from the USA. not gonna judge it before it happens, but we all know everyone who is fired from the tech job will, with their family, get instantly thrown out of the town by private security. nobody owns anything, all are rented from the company. and there will be cameras and authoritarian security culture literally everywhere. so maybe it will be an okay, security-wise, place to live for those who work there, at least. " In 2021, the governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, announced a plan to launch so-called "Innovation Zones" in Nevada to attract technology firms. The zones would permit companies with large areas of land to form governments carrying the same authority as counties, including the ability to impose taxes, form school districts and courts and provide government services. The measure to further economic development with the “alternative form of local government” has not yet been introduced in the Legislature. Sisolak pitched the concept in his State of the State address on January 19. By allowing tech corporations to establish their own governments, the plan is hoped bring in new businesses at the forefront of “groundbreaking technologies” without the state cutting taxes or paying economic rent that previously helped Nevada attract companies like Tesla Inc. "
smeezer Miesiąc temu
2021 Nevada begins making cyberpunk 2077 real lol
Vachagan Balayan
Vachagan Balayan Miesiąc temu
intels desperation wont change a thing, power efficiency is paramount for laptops
Station Miesiąc temu
I see that Nine Inch Nails shirt
Makaroni Makaroni
Makaroni Makaroni Miesiąc temu
Yeah ,you have not lived under Iran's regime We are totally fucked
jjgl78 Miesiąc temu
Great NIN T-shirt! Keep hearing great artists.
SkinzyGaming Miesiąc temu
I give zero shits about Intel. Just came here to say nice shirt man. (still gonna watch the video to help your metrics).
Shadowplays4K Miesiąc temu
Corporate towns do work, look at the city within a city
Z. J.
Z. J. Miesiąc temu
Screw twitter. I would not pay for that service for any price.
Cubbie SeWolf
Cubbie SeWolf Miesiąc temu
Intel pick on someone your own size
chiel meiberg
chiel meiberg Miesiąc temu
As for the iOS/Spotify thing, yes it’s annoying but you uh Get used to saying hey Siri play Spotify or hey Siri play all star on Spotify
Borc Tree
Borc Tree Miesiąc temu
At least Apple’s not skipping crucial security updates on a platform to keep a firm grasp on user data unbeknownst to the user....
TheGarage Gaming
TheGarage Gaming Miesiąc temu
Is that a Nine inch nails T-shirt
Null#6417 Miesiąc temu
why am i getting a notification right now, the 12, saying this vid was uploaded?
Palm Tree
Palm Tree Miesiąc temu
I can't trust a guy with a big a** zit on "its" lip lol Come on bro! smh
Michael Coelho
Michael Coelho Miesiąc temu
Why would the food you ate run through me? I'm calling the cops.
anonymous Citizen
anonymous Citizen Miesiąc temu
holy cow give that guy a mirror and start poping those.
The Glücks
The Glücks Miesiąc temu
BobDaBilda Miesiąc temu
I swear, if they start charging for Tweetdeck (which they've had 0 updates to since July 25th 2019, and I use daily) I'm going to explode.
J B Miesiąc temu
Every time I hear the name Elon Musk I hate him a little more. Crypto is just gambling that masks criminal activity, with the added bonuses of sucking up all the GPUs, damaging legitimate economies, and destroying the environment. Elon, who _really_ wants to save humanity and not just make a buck, manipulated his religious following to boost crypto and speed the world to its destruction. We don't need fantasies about impossible Mars colonies and lies about brain implants that barely work, we need crypto to be made illegal with brutal penalties for anyone who gets caught with it, and for Elon to shut the hell up.
T A 2 miesięcy temu
Apple behaves like a Dictator Oligarch to it's customer/slaves.
My Stock Market Picks
My Stock Market Picks 2 miesięcy temu
Who thinks INTEL & friends are trying to create a short squeeze in chip distribution? Do you believe the shortage in chips is incidental?
Darkmaster 2 miesięcy temu
Shilly shill linus shill lololol
cat -.-
cat -.- 2 miesięcy temu
Intel: ok after a year or two or next gen processor is gonna beat your M1 Apple: M2
Gary 2 miesięcy temu
"If it's countable, it's fewer." The only problem with that statement is you ended it with a period. That should always have an exclamation point behind it.
pigeon 2 miesięcy temu
Cpu market 😂 that only works on 4000$ apple pc
Jude Davis
Jude Davis 2 miesięcy temu
0:05 *people watching this in the toilet* : 😳
juan verdejo
juan verdejo 2 miesięcy temu
Intel can make faster chips but how much it’s going to cost you and how battery life ,cost and performance it’s really hard to match.good luck intel you going to needed
OCDetails Automotive Detailing & Valeting
OCDetails Automotive Detailing & Valeting 2 miesięcy temu
His t shirts inside out why?
Bradley Atherton
Bradley Atherton 2 miesięcy temu
Funny little Allegory of the Cave reference. Very cheeky.
Daniel Jensen
Daniel Jensen 2 miesięcy temu
Because people who buy apple products are really going to be convinced not to buy apple products because of benchmarks...
P King
P King 2 miesięcy temu
Wow, wife and kid have iPhones and Spotify.... I.... Just wow.
big boy
big boy 2 miesięcy temu
Irvin Gomez
Irvin Gomez 2 miesięcy temu
With Apple’s new iOS update i hope that they let you also set PLpost Music as a default but i like that they let Siri access other music apps in CarPlay with voice commands.
Bass Boost NL
Bass Boost NL 2 miesięcy temu
Siri played right from Spotify already so what was the announcement about???
itzame Dave
itzame Dave 2 miesięcy temu
Literally only watching this because NIN t-shirt 🤣😂
Justin Ashburn
Justin Ashburn 2 miesięcy temu
+1 like for the shirt...
Arnamo 2 miesięcy temu
Testing Apple music right now and its nowhere near as good as Spotify imo
Travis 2 miesięcy temu
apple n steve can go f themselves with that totalitarian style bullshit...idk how u sleep after treatin loyal customers like that how stupid do they think ppl r, its eventually going to crumble, other companies would love to have the opportunity to treat ppl better
Tom Beats Beats
Tom Beats Beats 2 miesięcy temu
Does anyone know why all Linus' friendslaves are gay?
DrugsMakah_07 2 miesięcy temu
Imagine still buying apple products. Cheap overpriced, under engineered, child labour bullshit
D Tobin
D Tobin 2 miesięcy temu
Siri: sorry you dont have an app for that spotify: am i a joke to you?
gwilki2 2 miesięcy temu
Why would the chicken wings and chips you ate run through me?? What’s going on here????
Zachery Santa
Zachery Santa 2 miesięcy temu
liked for the NIN shirt
The Smileys Crew
The Smileys Crew 2 miesięcy temu
3:03 there is a cut, he probably messed up a line lol
Shawn 2 miesięcy temu
FA23 2 miesięcy temu
Jon Son
Jon Son 2 miesięcy temu
Dont use twitter.
Salt&pepper 2 miesięcy temu
Riley's great. As I've watched him in various videos and on carpool critics, he's definitely grown on me. Very positive and has a great attitude; can laugh at himself(highlighted in multiple segments, and the recent mean comments vid in particular); solid effort at humor during Techlinked. Keep it up, Riley!
Jason Burke
Jason Burke 2 miesięcy temu
Wheres my new episode of QUICK BITS?
Probably Mel Gibson
Probably Mel Gibson 2 miesięcy temu
Partnership with Trønt when?
Nahto 2 miesięcy temu
nice shirt
GK Hep
GK Hep 2 miesięcy temu
More stuff for gamers going to bots and miners. Ah well
Belgian Star
Belgian Star 2 miesięcy temu
Let’s give government powers to capitalist companies, what an amazing democratic idea
james munroe
james munroe 2 miesięcy temu
Nine inch nails for the win
toorimakun 2 miesięcy temu
4:20 So pretty much a london city london..... but in Nevada.............. can't see how THAT could go wrong... it is working SO WELL in the UK. :/
X A V I E R 2 miesięcy temu
So i guess i have no use for apple music anymore lol
risa adyatmika
risa adyatmika 2 miesięcy temu
So basically twitter for only fans?
THE16THPHANTOM 2 miesięcy temu
who pays a certain amount of money to turn of youtube ads.
Hells Wrath
Hells Wrath 2 miesięcy temu
the NIN shirt was unexpected, nice!
SpringBok401 2 miesięcy temu
4:36 yikes, nope, stay away from that idea.
Dimitri Hondroulis
Dimitri Hondroulis 2 miesięcy temu
So Nevada wants to allow OCP to build Delta City? I'll buy that for a dollar . . .
Richard Chip Dougherty
Richard Chip Dougherty 2 miesięcy temu
Bow down before the one you serve, you're going to get what you deserve! NIN
bob jeffery
bob jeffery 2 miesięcy temu
Every company does some sort of cherry-picking. Just stop thinking only intel does it.
Oluwaseyi Akinruntan
Oluwaseyi Akinruntan 2 miesięcy temu
I hate Apple. Useless closed ecosystem. Hated it since 1996 when I realized you have to use everything iOS to connect to anything else instead of just straightforward connections via Bluetooth and so on. Crappy tech. Pointlessly costly too to soothe the egos of people who need it.
sniperlif3 2 miesięcy temu
Omg, I did not realize iPhone users were limited so much. Now I realize how horrible their ecosystem works with others. It is crazy how many features they miss out on that were a thing over 5 years ago. Wait, no that is standard apple. Nevermind. Apple users are always using outdated features.
darkdeath174 2 miesięcy temu
Wow James is using a VPN for peacock
Quentin 2 miesięcy temu
Spotify sucks
Mr Tadashi
Mr Tadashi 2 miesięcy temu
gameflux 2 miesięcy temu
That s Elon for you !
GameRetro 2 miesięcy temu
Didn't know James is a Nine Inch Nails fan. Nice!
Kartikay Awasthi
Kartikay Awasthi 2 miesięcy temu
Nice Nine Inch Nails Tee
Kaileta 2 miesięcy temu
the moment I heard the Intro, I Imeadiately knew It was a Englishman who wrote the skipt
Dominic St Pierre
Dominic St Pierre 2 miesięcy temu
still wears a NIN shirt in 2021 - dude, NIN fucking sucks now - its not cool or hip anymore
Neurochrom 2 miesięcy temu
Dig that shirt
Friendly Fire Entertainment
Friendly Fire Entertainment 2 miesięcy temu
Anyone else annoyed at the blatant market manipulation by Musk?
John Sikes
John Sikes 2 miesięcy temu
What difference does it make if the peripheral hardware changed throughout the test? They weren't bench marking the PC, they were bench marking the chip. And after some of the world class horseshit Apple has pulled over the years (cough, slowing phones), THIS bothers you? Talk about CHERRY PICKING! Just sayin'.
SemiMono 2 miesięcy temu
0:00 No wonder people's phones are so gross.
LastofAvari 2 miesięcy temu
Nice NIИ shirt.
Caldera 2 miesięcy temu
Finn here; You wear towels in a sauna??? How barbaric!
bobwinslow 2 miesięcy temu
Holy fuck, James likes NIN! Another man of culture.
burkskurk82 2 miesięcy temu
You missed the most interesting part of the switch of the default audio player. Because Apple bought the license for some U2 LP some years ago and included it per default. For those users that owned an some apple products back then, it ALWAYS plays the same U2-song when it connects to a Bluetooth device like a car or speakers. It’s completely menacing!
Greg Marchese
Greg Marchese 2 miesięcy temu
That Spotify comment just made my day! We made it boys!
Trevus Simon
Trevus Simon 2 miesięcy temu
There is plenty of 3000 series here in brazil. The problem is, if u convert, is more expensive then a scalper price. Well, that why, there is no scalpers here. and plenty of stock! If u think I`m joking, here a Brazilian re-vendor.[]&tipo_produto=[]&filtro=[] the green check mark written, Disponível mean it is available. When it is orange it not available. btw, use the blue price to convert, not the green one, the green only applies discount if u use a specific payment method. For exemple, the Asus Rog Strix 3090 is costing R$ 19.058,71 or $3,542.00
Jeff Haussler
Jeff Haussler 2 miesięcy temu
"cute-a cores" lol
Jes Conradsen
Jes Conradsen 2 miesięcy temu
The last comment 🎯 Siri tells YOU what to do! Apple is HAL9000 - It is for your own good. Sorry, I can not let you do that.
Gerry Crisostomo
Gerry Crisostomo 2 miesięcy temu
Intel maybe is a giant, but it is tickling a much bigger giant that has just barely awakened. The ARM-RISC / RISC-V architecture is the future of computing and is way way more efficient than intel's X86 CISC architecture while consuming far less electricity. Even after it's long slumber (or absence from the mainstream computing), it is already exceeding the performance of intel's chips and architecture. It is already beginning to be noticed by the computing world and there are many tech companies that are seriously looking into switching to ARM-RISC / RISC V. It won't be long until intel will be left in the dust.
AZREDFERN 2 miesięcy temu
Spotify sucks. It always pauses during navigation, and never continues after the direction is read. Same thing with tests when you’re wearing airpods. It’ll pause when Siri reads your text, and it won’t auto play again afterwards. Totally broken when you’re on a motorcycle. You get one text, and you have to pull over to continue your podcast.
Igo Further
Igo Further 2 miesięcy temu
I click this show to see what’s the latest thing that’s happening in tech and all I get is 6 little updates, only 1 of which has any relevance to the consumer and lengthened by 1/6 of the video being an ad, constant heckling and jabs at every single article like this is a senile reaction channel.
Aaron Slippery
Aaron Slippery 2 miesięcy temu
Nice shirt James
Edward E.
Edward E. 2 miesięcy temu
looks like dude got the herps
Cap'n Slipp
Cap'n Slipp 2 miesięcy temu
We iOS users don’t live under a regime where we’re stuck with Apple Music- we can just remove the Apple Music app and get dumb error dialogs when Siri or another app tries to play a song! It’s just like living in 2011; if you want to play music, you open the music app (Spotify), type the name of what you want, and tap on the result. Easy!
Cap'n Slipp
Cap'n Slipp 2 miesięcy temu
Company towns already exist in the modern USA- it’s not like Disney doesn’t have near-complete control of the county Disney World is in. Formerly, some might raise an eyebrow at how corps might pack the county board with lobbyists and their agents. Nevada’s plan is just skipping the “is it corruption?” step and formalizing corps running the governance for the land they own. Makes sense to me. The “mining town” analogy doesn’t really fit, IMHO. First, there’s a huge difference between high-profit tech & entertainment companies and their workers vs. all-but-slavery mining workings of yore- the more income an employee has, the less they’re entrapped in a specific job. Second, a lot of laws and changes have happened in the past 100 years; it’s now far far more commonplace for commonfolk to be able to enlist a lawyer or raise a stink on the Internet if the corps aren’t following the rules. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while- I’d love to see theme cities where everything in town is centered around one industry/profession. Twitch Streamer City, anyone?
Yoshimatsu414 2 miesięcy temu
I don't even understand why Intel did those benchmarks against the M1. Like who are they trying to convince? Apple consumers gonna keep buying Apple and Apple isn't going to go back to buying Intel chips for their PCs. Intel you lost it, stop ✋
Trolouce2 2 miesięcy temu
Dope, didnt realize he was into nine inch nails. I wonder what he listens to at work.
Nicocchi 2 miesięcy temu
2:53 his name ah borat?!?
Evean Green
Evean Green 2 miesięcy temu
That’s a lot of Mark Bench
Nvidia must be stopped…
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