Intel's coming BACK
LG Gave Up!?
7 dni temu
Rocket Lake @ 7GHz?!
Gamestop sells GPUs now.
Intel's BACK... #Shorts
Time for payback, Apple...
Intel got the Mac Guy.
21 dzień temu
"Unhackable" lol
28 dni temu
NFTs: Wanna buy this video?
AMD's pulling an Nvidia...
Is Apple in TROUBLE?
Miesiąc temu
Big GPU News From Intel!
HOW does this make sense!?
No Mac Is Safe...
Miesiąc temu
Nvidia must be stopped…
What is Google hiding?
2 miesięcy temu
Uninstall Cyberpunk.
2 miesięcy temu
Intel... just STOP already...
Farrel Ramiro Miko - 08
Farrel Ramiro Miko - 08 42 sekund temu
It's already possible to build an all red or all blue gaming pc. It's time for the all green Nvidia.
N Ray
N Ray 2 minut temu
arm based x86 Great
Derisis 13
Derisis 13 2 minut temu
"ARM based x86 processor" What? That's like saying a black white car... Isn't it either or the other?
lasarith2 3 minut temu
1000 trillion operations , why can’t they just say petaflop .
Dave Webster
Dave Webster 4 minut temu
Arm x86?.. Who have they licenced x86 from?..
Ferd Gerbeler
Ferd Gerbeler 4 minut temu
3:08 why in the world would you promote that dangerous untested gene therapy shot produced by people who have specifically stated a desire to reduce human population through medical intervention?
Oisamoje David
Oisamoje David 7 minut temu
Am I the only one who got the joke? "Called Grace.... Amazing" from the song Amazing Grace of God 🤗smart joke!!
NecroFlex 7 minut temu
Tim Sweeney: "We want to make a great profitable business" Me: "How about you instead make all the changes you promised to the launcher/store on that long forgotten roadmap?" Tim, sniffing coke off a strippers ass: "More exclusives you say?"
Ferd Gerbeler
Ferd Gerbeler 8 minut temu
1:15 man, why can't we just have an rdna2 APU? 5750G please???
Aleks 9 minut temu
You had that french part ;)
Poking My Nose
Poking My Nose 9 minut temu
*Intel* : hAhA i LeAd tHe mArKeT *AMD* : You are so innocent. *Nvidia* : So are you.
PocketDrummer 10 minut temu
I REEEEEEAAAALLY hope they integrate speech recognition into the entire OS, but I bet they'll find a way to make it a subscription... which I hate.
Green Fox
Green Fox 11 minut temu
Was that a "Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex" by CSS reference? Or is there another song that say " XYZ is my boyfriend, XYZ is my girlfriend"
Héctor Álvarez Fernández
Héctor Álvarez Fernández 13 minut temu
Thank you, PLpost algorithm, for this.
Labexies 16 minut temu
Siri just let me talk to Cortana 😂
Grand Thor
Grand Thor 19 minut temu
I just love Jensen leather jacketman
Digidream 20 minut temu
Why is the French domestic airline ban in the tech news?
SnackDestroyer 24 minut temu
Carbon Derangement Syndrome needs to be a thing
Mister Mayhem
Mister Mayhem 26 minut temu
You guys should research more on nuance. They are a beast in medical diagnostics speech recognition. Very impressive.
yash shimpi
yash shimpi 27 minut temu
Jenson leather-jacketman🤣🤣
Andrei Kucharavy
Andrei Kucharavy 28 minut temu
"quaintness is of the Chartres". I see what you did here...
Dollar Johny
Dollar Johny 29 minut temu
i would like to read Nvidia is making GPUs again 🌚
Usada Pekodan
Usada Pekodan 30 minut temu
got question, so should i buy laptop now or wait?
Théophile Louison
Théophile Louison 31 minuta temu
I was really surprised by the amount of cities you can list in france. I appreciate it ❤️
Deddiward 31 minuta temu
So I am confusion ARM x86 processor..? I think it's either ARM or x86 i.e. mutually exclusive (even just for the CISC/RISC architecture)
MarCO turboGBmegaULTRA
MarCO turboGBmegaULTRA 32 minut temu
ok, apparently nVidia is going to beat Intel, and Apple, by the look and by the performance too?
Krzysztof Pecyna
Krzysztof Pecyna 33 minut temu
Arm based x86 processor... Yea... Reading Lectures needed guys :)
༒Gorm Auslander༒
༒Gorm Auslander༒ 35 minut temu
I want a tegra-x1 laptop. It would be decently powerful and very energy efficient
tdragon 36 minut temu
Jensen rocking that Gerald hair...
Paul Schepers
Paul Schepers 39 minut temu
So this is why my amd stocks chrashed again
Ian Black
Ian Black 39 minut temu
By the time we get to the 5000 series GPU's we should have a full team green desktop.
kliao 42 minut temu
James trying to pronounce french city names was hilarious
Vinit Mittal
Vinit Mittal 42 minut temu
Bob the guy
Bob the guy 43 minut temu
"ARM-based x86 processor" What?
Yonatan Avhar
Yonatan Avhar 44 minut temu
0:18 an ARM based X86 processor?? What the hell does that mean?
Call Of Juarez
Call Of Juarez 45 minut temu
Sees title Me: Wait, AGAIN?!
Magic Gnome
Magic Gnome 45 minut temu
Bruh who fucked the shit? Intel making gpus and nvidia making cpus?
Gilgabro 45 minut temu
Pres x for doubt.
Andrew KVK
Andrew KVK 48 minut temu
Surprised nvidia isn't into mining asic yet.
Maris 50 minut temu
arm-based x86 processor 0:18, that's not a thing? its either arm or x86 those two are not compatible
Kernelpickle 50 minut temu
Ok-so you need to spend more time on that ARM based x86 CPU, because those are two entirely different and incompatible architectures and I need/want to know exactly how the fuck that is supposed to work.
i_nellijames2003 50 minut temu
Freaking 😆😆
Wòofy Wòoflez
Wòofy Wòoflez 50 minut temu
1000 trillion ,also known as a quadrillion
UwU 50 minut temu
As long as I get my hands on one at msrp then I won't mind if the next NVIDIA gpus will be ampere too, it was very good but it was gone in a flash
Baboo 52 minut temu
I think that all french could agree with me that we feel so much unconfortable when you speak our language
Guzio 56 minut temu
0:15 An ARM-based x86 processor?
abdullah sabhan
abdullah sabhan 59 minut temu
Wtf is an ARM x86 ? I'm having a brain twister if such a thing exists.
Opiniononion Godzinę temu
Btw... The quote he mentioned at the end: plpost.info/chat/rN2tbHrV0Wiog4Y/wideo.html I knew I've heard that before... but I thought it was Luis de Funes =D
Andy Chamberlain Music
Andy Chamberlain Music Godzinę temu
"arm based x86 processor" ?????
Jakub Hora
Jakub Hora Godzinę temu
I think that microsoft is a monopoly again
azure zeed
azure zeed Godzinę temu
is Not x86, Intel would never give them a license to start with
Roel de Meulder
Roel de Meulder Godzinę temu
5:50 You'll still be staring a CDG for an hour tho...
Skayote Godzinę temu
Arm based x86 processor ???????
NoThrottle Godzinę temu
Now we have team RGB for CPUs and GPUs
Florian Riess
Florian Riess Godzinę temu
No, just no! There is only one Leatherjacketman! And he is irish! @AreYaHavingThat
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries Godzinę temu
Honestly if the trains are easier to get into than passing the security checkpoints at airports I'd be down to take a 2.5 hour train over a 45 minute flight I had to be there 1-2 hours early for. America should step up it's train game. Amtrak sucks. Its late all the time an hella slow. Make American Railways Great Again.
gorege jones
gorege jones Godzinę temu
Now if nvidia makes their own CPUs , we have lot of price drops in CPUs in every company , advantage for customers 😎
MrSamPro Godzinę temu
Amd destroys intel Apple destroys intel Intel destroys intel Nvidia destroys intel
HAWXLEADER Godzinę temu
Microsoft bought nuance... Maybe resurrect the damn Swype keyboard? Still no keyboard can challenge it to this day!
Rasmus Nielsen
Rasmus Nielsen Godzinę temu
well Paris-Marseille in a TGV-train is about 3,5 hours, plane need to go to airport, need to be there 1-2 hours before flight, then flying 2.5 hours, then baggage claim at destination airport 0,5 hour, planeride 5 hours, soooooo.
BAD-E-MATIONS Godzinę temu
RGB in PCs will be referring to what you decided to go with now that intel is also releasing a dedicated card.
Frothiny Godzinę temu
I don't think he meant to say ARM-based x86 processor since the screenshot mentions "x86 not the main player anymore", unless they are gonna do an apple move